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76. I have somehow managed to stick to this 100 day challenge for 75 days. I don’t really know how this has happened, because by all accounts, I should have given up long ago, based on the fact that I’ve never even finished those silly Instagram 30 day photo challenges. I get distracted after posting a picture or two, then remember a few days later, but by then it’s too late to keep going, and I quit.

I will say that my husband can take part of the credit for pushing me to keep going with this goal. Whenever I complain about not wanting to knit that day, he always has a nice guilt trip ready for me. 
While this has definitely been challenging for me, which I’ll discuss in further detail once this whole thing is over, there have been a lot of positive. The biggest one that I’ve noticed is how it has challenged me creatively. Figuring out how to modify patterns to fit a certain character’s look, or add on the little details to make sure it does actually look like a certain character can be difficult and time consuming. Just adding on Merida’s hair took me half an hour. 
But, on the bright side of by creativity being challenged, I finally had inspiration to create my first knitted toy pattern, a Tiny Snitch! I know my last patterns were also Harry Potter related, but when inspiration strikes, I just have to go with it! 
This Tiny Snitch knits up quickly and easily. Knit in fingering weight yarn, it’s knit in one piece, with no seams, other than stitching the wings down so that they are angled properly. It’s a perfect pattern for someone who wants to learn to knit tiny things, but hasn’t had a lot of experience knitting on small double pointed needles. It can also be sized up by using thicker yarn and needles. I highly suggest adding some sparkles so it shines like a real Snitch! The pattern for the Tiny Snitch can be found at this link on Ravelry. 
Many more plans are in the works for new patterns, and getting into blogging more (maybe even a podcast…eek!) as soon as this 100 day project is done!