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Hey, There!
I’m Lalíe.

I’m your host here at Multiverse Knits. I’m a born & raised Texan, now living in the desert of New Mexico. I’m a former music teacher, but since having my daughter in 2018, I resigned to become a stay at home mom, although I do still teach online college writing classes. I’ve been knitting since around 2009. I had been mentioning that I wanted to learn how to knit, so for a Christmas present, my mom paid for a class. I became obsessed, and it’s been my main hobby ever since. 

I’ve pretty much been a geek for my entire life. As a kid, I desperately wanted to be Rogue from X-Men, then Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros., then the vampire obsession hit because of Buffy, and then there was Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and then I got back into Marvel comics….the list goes on. I thoroughly enjoy comic cons, and I have a goal to meet at least one actor from all of my favorite fandoms and I’m nearly there (looking at you, Sherlock! Why couldn’t Mark Sheppard have had at least a cameo??) 

While I’ve always enjoyed baking (because who doesn’t love cake!?), like many people during the pandemic, stuck at home, with not a lot to do, I really got into it. Started baking sourdough (with Khal Drodough, my lovely starter), and baking all kinds of artisan breads & desserts from scratch. While I do enjoy cooking as well, I’m still learning a lot about it (it used to be a joke that when I was “cooking dinner” we were ordering pizza!) but baking is definitely my first love. Julia Child is my hero. 

I hope you enjoy your stay here at Multiverse Knits, whether it be for the knitting, the baking, the geekery, or the general shenanigans!