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Hey, There!
I’m Lalíe.

I’m your host here at Multiverse Knits. I’m a born & raised Texan, now living in the desert of New Mexico. I’m a former music teacher, but since having my daughter in 2018, I resigned to become a stay at home mom, although I do still teach online college writing classes. I’ve been knitting since around 2009. I had been mentioning that I wanted to learn how to knit, so for a Christmas present, my mom paid for a class. I became obsessed, and it’s been my main hobby ever since, although I do also enjoy baking, cooking, and the idea of sewing, although nothing ever quite comes out like I plan it to. Why is it so hard to sew a straight line!?

I’ve pretty much been a geek for my entire life. As a kid, I desperately wanted to be Rogue from X-Men, then Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros., then the vampire obsession hit because of Buffy, and then there was Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and then I got back into Marvel comics….the list goes on. I thoroughly enjoy comic cons, and I have a goal to meet at least one actor from all of my favorite fandoms and I’m nearly there (looking at you, Sherlock! Why couldn’t Mark Sheppard have had at least a cameo??) 

I’ll be posting a lot about my history with pcos/endometriosis, but for a little background, although I’ve suspected I had both for many years, I only received my official diagnosis in September of 2021. As such, it’s a continuing journey to find relief, one that I know I’ll be on for a while. But one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging again was because I wanted to share my story. When I searched for blogs, most were just advice and “Take this supplement” or “the best pcos diet!” and that’s not what I wanted. That’s great sometimes, but other times, I just wanted to know that someone else out there was going through what I had been through. But it seems like no one is talking about it, at least not anywhere besides a few random forums. I get it…it’s hard to be open and honest about having them, especially when you have both. Many people don’t want to talk about this part of their lives. But, people don’t often hide when they have diabetes, or high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, so why should I hide my diagnosis, just because it mostly affects my reproductive organs? The more we hide, the more women suffer because they feel alone, or like me, doctors don’t take them seriously. If just one other person finds the courage to not take no for an answer from a doctor from reading my experiences, then I’ll have achieved my goal in spreading my story and awareness of both conditions. 

I hope you enjoy your stay here at Multiverse Knits, whether it be for the knitting, the geekery, or the commiseration!