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Welcome to Multiverse Knits! I am your host for your stay here, the totally normal, not at all quirky, Lalie. To begin, here is your ridiculously long, picture-book-ish introduction to me.  (Well, some of me, anyway. I doubt you’d actually want to read the history of my whole life, and it’s not like I want to actually write something that boring anyway. I mean, I’m weird, but my life isn’t that interesting. Yet.)

See? That’s me in a display cabinet full of knitting…just hanging out with a smoothie. Told you I’m weird. Although yes, there is an explanation behind the photo, and no I’m not going to say it because then it’s less weird, and where’s the fun in that?
I first learned to knit when I turned 21. (let’s not talk about how long ago that was.) I kept seeing a lot of knit items in stores that looked cheap and poorly made, and just kept thinking “I can make that.” So my mom paid for a beginning knitting class as one of my knitting presents that year. Little did she know the monster that she had created 🦄 (there aren’t very many monster emojis, so I chose a unicorn.) I pretended that I didn’t have any homework. I didn’t have friends. I didn’t have family. Something came over me, and all I could think about were those cold aluminum needles and the giant ball of yarn.
I wish that I had kept my first project to show you how horrible it was. I knit a scarf, in a bright purple Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. I kept forgetting where I was in the pattern, so the knits and purls didn’t quite line up the way they were supposed to, but I did it. I made something with two sticks and some string. And then I made another thing. And another thing.
Then somehow, a few years in to my hobby, a light bulb went off, and I realized I didn’t have to knit what everyone else was knitting. I didn’t have to knit the “normal” projects. I could be a geek and knit geeky things. So I did.
No, it’s not bigger on the inside. But the bow ties are cool!
And then I kept staring at my Captain America shield (yes, I own a real metal one) and thought, “I can knit that!” So I did. And so my love of designing my own patterns to reflect my personality and to merge my hobby life with my fandom life.
Thus, after much debate on what to even call this thing, Multiverse Knits emerged. A place for me to share my ramblings on life and geek/pop culture, as well as to share my unique geeky/fandom inspired knitting patterns. 
For truth, justice, and a really cool Frisbee shield that defies the laws of physics! 

Beyond knitting, during the day (most of the year) I’m a K-5 music teacher. It’s exhausting and scary and fun and the most amazing job I could have, and I’m incredibly thankful that I get to sing, dance, and play with kids for a living.

It also frees up my summers for going to comic cons, because probably my next favorite hobby after knitting is getting to meet the stars of my favorite shows (even if it is just for 5 seconds!) Such as these (don’t worry…I won’t bore you with all of them, just a few to establish my geek cred)

Just me in my Wesley Crusher sweater that I knit with Commander Riker. No biggie.
Can you say obsessed with Supernatural? I think if you say it five times in a row, Misha will appear with a glitter bomb.

Besides that, I dabble at sewing (or rather, I start projects, get angry, yell at them, then give up on them and stuff my face with oreos to compensate for my failure more than I actually finish things), bake, read a lot (books and Marvel comics…not that DC stuff) and when the mood strikes me, I’ll sit at the piano a few hours and wish I practice more than I do. I also really enjoy watching NFL football, and I avidly root for the Dallas Cowboys, because who says you can’t be a geek and like sports?

My husband and I live in walking distance from my parents, in Albuquerque, New Mexico (although I have to point out, I am not a native New Mexican, I was born and raised in Texas. woo!)

So that was your really long introduction to me (not that you asked for it) and I hope you enjoy coming along on this adventure with me!