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I’ve written previously about losing my desire to knit after having my daughter. As she’s gotten older, (almost 17 months now!), it’s beginning to come back. I still don’t have a lot of time, but while she naps and on weekends when my husband isn’t working, I get in as much as I can.

I came across the 100 day project while scrolling through Instagram one day, and decided, why not? Maybe it would help bring some of my creativity back. I thought about just knitting every day for 100 days, but didn’t think that would keep me accountable enough. Instead, I decided to knit 100 tiny things. Which really was a crazy idea, but one that I’m quite enjoying, as those of you who follow me on Instagram know.

Today marks day 25 (the above photo shows everything I’ve knit so far), so I thought I’d post a little background about my project, since I’m 1/4 of the way done. I plan to do similar posts later on as I keep going, as an attempt to actually write more. We’ll see how that goes.

I decided to do the tiny things, because once upon a time, I knit them a lot. My favorite “tiny thing” pattern designer is Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi Land. I came across her designs very early on in my knitting career and immediately fell in love. I have even test knit quite a few of her designs, and my favorite “claim to fame” is being personally thanked in her book Huge and Huggable Mochimochi for testing so many of the designs.

At one point, these tiny things were all over the house. I would just stash them places because I just knit them because I liked them. They aren’t utilitarian like the majority of what “normal” people knit, but they brought me joy, and to me, that has always been the driving factor for what I knit. If I’m not enjoying what I’m knitting, then it usually doesn’t come out right, or I end up ripping it out altogether.

I hadn’t knit any tiny things in a while, instead focusing on more “useful” things, and I didn’t realize how much I missed knitting these little things. They really are a lot of fun! They can be fiddly at times, but the end result is so worth it.

The question I get asked the most of course, is what am I going to do with them all? Well, I do sort of have a plan for them. Kind of. But not really. I have been very interested in making my own stop motion animation videos, and I do somewhat believe a lot of these creations will end up in them. You will start to see some repeats (like a second tiny turtle, but different colors for a reason–hint: there will be four of them in total!), and more twists on the designs to be more like characters I like (note that Ariel, Tinkerbell, and The Hulk have already made appearances…so have a moose and squirrel which is a more obscure reference for those not familiar with Supernatural.)

But to be honest, right now, they’re all in a pile on a cabinet in the kitchen, awaiting some other fate, which will hopefully be realized sooner or later. I am getting a fancy-pants new camera in the near future, so I assume at least one crude attempt will appear before long as I play around with it, if it ever gets here. Until then, I shall continue on to the next day of tiny things!