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Procastiknitting is one of my biggest flaws.

Currently, I’m supposed to be grading essays, but here I am, planning out a new project to knit instead since I just finished my next design (to be published soon, after test knitting is done!) Now, it’s not that I won’t eventually grade them. I will. They need to be graded by the end of the day so my students have time to revise before submitting the final.

It’s just that I’m not one of those people who always do the thing I’m supposed to do right away, because, well, I’d rather knit. “Let me finish this row” is a phrase heard quite often by my husband and Tiny Human. Well, only the husband respects it. Tiny Human doesn’t care, and will continue to shove a book in my face until I put down my knitting, no matter where I am in the row, and read the book she wants to her. Which I can’t really complain about–it’s pretty awesome having a kid who actively wants to be read to all the time.

Procrastiknitting doesn’t mean just knitting, either. It’s also the hours spent browsing Ravelry for patterns or reading interesting threads on different forums, or scrolling endlessly through my stash page to try and decide what yarn I want to use next. And then once I choose the yarn, then of course I have to go back to looking at patterns to make sure I knit the perfect pattern to match the yarn.

It honestly can take me hours, if not days to figure out a next project. Sometimes, they come quickly because I bought yarn with a specific project in mind, and I finally decide to make it. But let’s just be honest–that’s rare, and impulse yarn buys are my thing. Needles to say, things like housework and laundry (and grading) often get pushed to the imaginary “later” because really, when you can make things out of sticks and string, why would you want to do anything else?