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I had planned to release this pattern before the season premiere of Arrow, one of my favorite TV shows, but alas, best laid plans and all that.

Anyway, I had the idea for this pattern in the summer, while binge watching the previous season. I don’t quite have the skill to sew a full on Green Arrow costume like Stephen Amell wears in the show (nor do I have the abs or biceps to pull it off), but he’s one of my favorite DC characters, and I decided I needed to knit something to represent him.
As part of his costume, he wears a green hood that he often pulls low to hide his face. In the beginning of the series, the city even refers to the vigilante now known as Arrow as “The Hood.” And thus, the idea was born. This was my first attempt at creating my own cabled pattern, and that was both easier and harder than I anticipated. The hard part was remembering that the purl stitches have to go around the cable to make it pop. The easy part was because it’s not very twisty, so it wasn’t near as complicated to make as I had imagined it would be. On the bright side, that also means as far as cables go, it’s not that complicated to knit either. And it’s now finally finished!

Titled, You Have Failed This City, the cowl features a cable pattern inspired by the arrowhead logo of the show. The hood buttons on to the cowl so that it can be removed, or pulled back and it won’t fall off.

I decided to have a little fun with the photo shoot and borrow my dad’s hunting bow. You’ll notice that I’m just holding it and the arrow, because I overestimated my strength, and could not pull it back. At least I gave my family a few laughs with my pathetic attempts to pull the 60 lb bow.
Probably the only bow I could actually use.
Even I had a hard time not laughing at my own weakness. It’s hard being serious when your neighbors are outside staring at you like you’re crazy. I should be use to it by now, considering the amount of times I’ve been out in public in costumes, but strangers seeing your crazy is a little different than your neighbors.
This is my “doing my best to look serious and not laugh” face.
Anyway, besides the connection to one of my fandoms, the fact that it still provides a basic pattern to knit a cowl with a removable hood is an aspect that I really like. It would be a great basis for you to add other stitch patterns to and make it your own, even if you’re not a fan of Arrow (although how can you not be…have you seen Stephen Amell?)
I’d like to think I watch for the plot, but no, no I don’t.
And of course, the pattern can be found (for free) on Ravelry here!